• Good Manufacture Practice of Cosmetic Products is an international certificate. In the standardization of drug production, improve the quality of pharmaceuticals; ensure the security of the effect.
  • The ISO22716:2007 standard is related to the cosmetics product qual ity management systems and designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders.
  • Material Safety Data Sheet is chemical production or sales enterprise according to the legal requirements to provide customers with the chemical characteristics of comprehensive legal documents they are free of chemical products potential hazard.
  • SGS (made-in-china):
    SGS is another certificate under Made-in- China, which provides product qual ity analysis, corrective action and preventative action for Chinese local suppl iers. Helping to maximum profit and minimize cost and control the risk in suppl ier chain.global cosmetics standards.

  • SBVQI is the largest number of certified companies (second in the world), the reputation of the authoritative certification bodies. BVQI participate in the development of ISO9000 standards and a series of industry standards, to promote the development and promotion of standards.
  • SGS stands for Societe Generale de Survei l lance S.A.
    It's an international certification department of the most awarded certification organization in the world, covering national the widest range of authentication mechanism.
  • Halal certificate is by a qual ified independent third party supervision and consumer products, and it proved by the production of products conform to the Musl im l ifestyle production preparation and component standard process.
  • SASO stand for Saudi Arabian Standards Organization, namely Saudi Arabia Standards Organization. SASO responsible for al l the commodities and products for the national standard, the standard of the measurement system.