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Black hair shampoo 25ml*24

Quick Details

Type: Hair Dye

Form: Shampoo Cream

Volume: 25ml*24

Quantity:24 boxes/ctn

Ctn Size: 680*435*333(mm)


Function: 5 mins Dye Hair Into Black

Age Group: Adult

Color: Black

Feature: Herbal And Natural, Gives You Shinny Black Hair

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1. Q:How can I get some samples?
A: We are pleased to offer you free sample.

2. Q:Are you a factory?
A: Yes. We have specialized in this field about 11 Years.

3. Q:Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?
A: Our factory is located in Baiyun district, Guangzhou and near the airport. 
All our clients, are warmly welcome to visit us.

4. Q:What is the delivery time?
A:7~30 days normally, detail delivery date should be decided according to production
season and order quantity.

5. Q:What is your MOQ?
A: The MOQ is based on your different order. Product of our brand or OEM and ODM.
Please contact us for more details.

6.Q:How is Subaru Black Hair Shampoo different from other types of ordinary hair shampoo?

A:Black hair shampoo possesses the functions of cleaning,protecting and blackening the hair.

7.Q:Why should we wear hand gloves while using the hair shampoo?

A:This is to prevent our nails from blackening.

8.Q:After using ,when should we use it again?

A:Apply after every 30 days.(For first time users,use it for the first three times at seven-day interval so that the hair colour can be stabilized.)

9.Q:Would the use of Subaru Black Hair Shampoo causes hair loss ?

A:No,it will not.

10.Q:If the skin comes into contact with the shampoo ,what should be done?

A:Just rinse it off with clean water.The skin will not be blackened by the shampoo.

11.Q:Why that is my hair colour begins to fade within four days after using the shampoo?

A:The hair nature varies among individuals and this may affect stabilization of the hair color.You can wash your hair with the shampooo for a longer time(more than 15 minutes).

12.Q:After using the shampoo,I find symptoms of allergy.Is this due to problems with my body or product?

A:Let oters use the same shampoo  and you will know that there is no problem with our product.

13.Q:Why is there feeling that the hair is getting hot when I am using the shampoo?

A:Our product is a nutritional hair shampoo.It is therefore normal if the shampoo makes you feel that your hair is hot or cool.If you feel too hot,there could be inflammation of the hair follicles and you should seek for medical advice.

14.Q:How long does it take of the hair to change color?

A:It takes around 10 minutes for hair to turn black.Make sure the shampoo is applied thoroughly to get the shiny,black hair.

15.Q:How long does the black hair last or fades?

A:Unlike other hair dye,the black hair color will not fade.You only need to re-apply the shampoo when there is new growth of white hair.

16.Q:Is this suitable for everyone?

A:Yes,If you have any doubts,apply a small amount of the product on your neck and leave  it for 10 minutes .If you do not develop any symptom of allergies,you can proceed to use the product.

1. Nonstick scalp

It is a new innovation which can black your hair just like using normal shampoo. 


2. Convenient to use

No ned to be adjusted again.


3. safe and fast

Safe and normal naterial.

 Just 5 minutes.

4. Cheap

You can use it at home by yourself.

1. Put on gloves (otherwish the nails will be dyed grey,although that does not affect health)

2. Make your hair wet with both your hands.

3. Wipe off the water on the hair.

4. Promptly put the shampoo on the hair and rub it until it reaches the bottom of the hairs, then rub the hair for 5-10 minutes so that the shampoo moistens the bottom of each hair.

5. Wash the shampoo away.

6. The hair will become dark and shining.